For at least the next six weeks, Craig Field is housing Alabama’s Ready to Work (RTW) Program’s Mobile Training Unit (MTU), which is hosting classes aimed at assisting unemployed workers or those seeking entry-level skills and other workforce training.

“It’s all about bringing business and jobs to Selma,” Said Craig Field Executive Director James Corrigan. “I wanted people to know that they’re important, that they matter and their skills matter.”

The MTU is a classroom on wheels that provides people with a variety of training, some aimed at basic job skills such as communication and conflict resolution, as well as financial management and problem solving strategies, and others aimed at more detailed skills, such as computer technology, career exploration and more.

The effort is a partnership between an array of groups, including the Dallas County Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA), Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) and Alabama College Testing (ACT).

Corrigan said the effort is one piece of a program he is instituting to uplift the people who live on the Craig Field property, as well as the wide community of Selma.

“This is one of the ways I want to make our city better,” Corrigan said. “I want to affect cultural change.”

Speaking with businesses considering locating at Craig Field, Corrigan learned that many were concerned with the level of crime in the area, as well as the aesthetic appearance of the house and property.

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