Industry Cluster Information

In order to meet the growing need for businesses to hire and train skilled workers, we partner with the regional business and industry leaders to develop Industry Clusters. These clusters put the most influential people in their respective fields together in the same room to discuss ways to provide information to Central AlabamaWorks! on how to properly train and equip potential employees with skills that are prerequisites in being successful within each industry. Our Industry Clusters are an invaluable resource to our counties throughout the region in being sure we are providing opportunities to our citizens that are specific to the jobs and career to our communities.

Healthcare Cluster

The Healthcare industry in Southeast Alabama is a key industry that provides a plethora of jobs with diverse opportunities across the entire region.

Doctor working

Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and Distribution keeps every industry on track.

airbus industry warehouse

Lean & Advanced

Manufacturing Cluster

The Lean and Advanced Manufacturing Industry in Southeast Alabama is the most diverse and robust industry present.

sheet metal manufacturing