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The purpose of the training course is to prepare learners to plan and conduct internal audits of an environmental management system within their organization.


The training is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to successfully plan and prepare for an audit, perform an audit, document an audit, report the results of an audit, and manage corrective actions.

Specific Key topics to be addressed:

  • Evaluation and auditing: basic theoretical concepts,
  • The purpose and importance of environmental audits,
  • Internal Audit key terms and definitions,
  • ISO 14001 Standard overview and the audit process,
  • Environmental audit program tools,
  • Auditor conduct and responsibilities, and
  • Preparing for, performing, and documenting the audit.

Training Objectives:

Upon completion of the training the learner should be equipped to:

  • Explain the purpose of an environmental audit
  • Form an audit team
  • Define specific audit terms
  • Use the ISO 14001 Standard to assess quality performance and compliance
  • Design and implement tools need ed to conduct a quality audit
  • Discriminate between good and poor audit techniques, methods, and auditor conduct
  • Plan, perform and document a process audit
  • Initiate corrective actions and identify opportunities for improvement.

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